Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jimmy Rhum's CGB guitar

Here's another assignment that I did for Rob's class.  It was a drawing as dimension.  We got to do anything we wanted to as long as it wasn't confined to a two dimensional space.  I decided to make a cigar box guitar.  I was particularly interested in cigar box and match box illustrations from the mid 20th century, and wanted to tie that aesthetic in.  
I created a fictional story behind the guitar which helped me with the image making process.  The gist of it was: (Set in the late 1940s) It belonged to a man named Jimmy Rhum, who decided to go on the road after certain devastating events (the tipping point being his wife's affair with another man).  The guitar was his sole possession during his travels as he hitchhiked and hopped on trains.  He decorated the guitar as a means  of a travel log; the decorations weren't lucrative like the stickers on rich people's travel bags, but the idea was the same. He glued on discarded/stolen illustrations from places that he visited (a lot of them being night clubs).  There's bits and pieces of hobo language throughout the guitar which he placed as reminders of what certain places were like.

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